Curriculum Vitae

ing. Bas Bosschert


BB ICT Consultancy /
BB Applications

May 2014 – now
  • Developing online version of the Cyber Security Escape Room in Unity and C#.
  • Developing control system and digital puzzles for the Cyber Security Escape Room.
  • Penetration testing for several customers based on OWASP top 10, including black and crystal boxing.
  • Organizing CTF games which includes hosting/creating scoreboard and challenges in several categories (web, network, forensics, crypto, pwnable and binary)
  • Auditing and reviewing of Android applications, including extracting and recompiling APK files, adjustments in smali code and SSL MitM attacks.
  • Creating Android Applications based on ChromeCast technology.
  • Creating Android Applications based on NFC technology.
Double Think V.O.F.
Jan 2013 – now
  • Creating a mobile VPN service provider based on IPSEC/L2TP connected to a OpenRadius server with web-based front-end in PHP and Mysql backend.
  • Administration of several Linux systems which includes automatic installation and auto-configuration on Puppet technology.
KPN Corporate Market
Technical Consultant I
January 2012-December 2012
  • Responsible for hosting of 500+ Unix and Linux systems, including third-line support, backups and security.
  • Writing proposals for increasing security, like hardening all Linux and Unix systems.
  • Delivering samples, feedback and documentation for multiple company audits.
  • Creating a new documentation environment based on Semantic MediaWiki, in company style, including system and customer forms/templates.
  • Creating a MedaWiki plugin in PHP/Javascript which checks several monitoring systems for existence of a system.
  • Creating scripts in Python and Perl which reads out system information from several monitoring and backup environments and upload all information in the wiki.
Technical Constultant I Jr.
January 2011-December 2011
  • Responsible for hosting of 350+ Unix and Linux systems, including daily administration, second and third-line support, backups and security.
  • Creating Patch management procedure for Windows and RedHat servers, including work instructions and Excel templates.
  • Creating root password reset procedure and writing Perl scripts to automate this task on all Linux/Unix systems.
  • Writing of Functional/Technical Designs for the migration of several customer environments.
Technical Support Specialist  (Unix) I
January 2008-December 2010
  • Responsible for hosting of 350+ Unix/Linux systems, including daily administration, second-line support, backups and security.
  • Writing  Perl scripts to automate processes for SOX auditing.
  • Creating a SLES10 autoyast server for automating of SLES installations.
  • Writing of a technical plan for a new monitoring environment based on Nagios/Cacti.
System & Application Administrator II
January 2006-December 2007
  • Responsible for hosting of 300+ Unix and Linux systems, including daily administration, second-line support, backups and security.
  • Installing and implementing new systems.
  • Creating a new documentation environment based on MediaWiki
  • Writing Perl scripts to automate documentation through the MediaWiki API
System & Application Administrator I
January 2004-December 2005
  • Responsible for hosting of 300+ Unix/Linux system, including daily administration, backups and security.
  • Installing mailservers based on Postfix, ClamAV and SpamAssassin.
  • Installing and implementing new systems.
  • Creating a monitoring environment based on Nagios for monitoring of 50 Unix systems.
Junior Unix Administrator
December 2002-January 2004
  • Responsible for the administration of sixty Unix systems,
  • Part of the team implementing security and patching on all Unix systems.
  • Designing and developing  a web-based backup control tool in Perl for easier and quicker backup controls.
Service Desk Employer
October 2000–November 2002
  • Intake & Dispatch
  • Second line support
  • Certificates: ITIL Foundation, A+, Network+, HP Certified Professional (HP-UX), VMware Certified Professional
  • RHCSA/RHCE (RHEL 6, Certificat number: 111-172-110).
  • Courses: Virtual Infrastructure with ESX server and VirtualCenter, HP-UX Practical Unix & Network Security, HP-UX System & Network Admin I & II, HP-UX Fundamentals, Network+, A+, ITIL Foundation, Adviesvaardigheden ICT Consultants
  • 1996-2000 Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Bouwkunde
  • 1990-1996 Martinuscollege Grootebroek – Atheneum
  • 15 years of hands-on experience in IT security
  • Proficient in black/crystal-box penetration testing
  • Proficient in Android development
  • Proficient in Android auditing
  • Proficient Perl/bash/python/Javascript/JQuery/C# coder
  • Proficient in Linux Administration (SLES, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat)
  • Proficient in HP-UX administration
  • Proficient in Unity Game Development
  • Knowledgeable in AIX administration
  • Knowledgeable in clustering (ServiceGuard, Heartbeat, TSA, RMS)
  • Knowledgeable in puppet
  • Experience with backup tools OmniBack, TSM
  • Experience with Nagios, Cacti monitoring
  • Basic knowledge Apache, Mysql, Oracle, NFS