Telegram Spam?

We all heard the news that Facebook took over WhatsApp. Although I had never any problems using WhatsApp, I noticed in my environment that people were looking for a replacement. And it seems that the majority choose for Telegram. So I followed them. Too bad that after the installation of Telegram I started to receive SMS Spam.

A day after installation of Telegram and giving them access to my phone number I start receiving the following SMS from number +447535263650:

And a similar message from number  +447961251025:

I received both messages twice. In the last year I never received any SMS Spam, but after joining Telegram and giving them access to my number I received 4 messages. Is this really coincidence?

Especially because other people also seems to receive spam after joining Telegram. Seems they do react to some messages on twitter, all messages related to this Spam are all ignored.

If we look at it from another point of view, a huge spam/scam run was going on and during that period people also joined Telegram. The question is, what was first, and is it related?

According FreeLotto these messages are not real. Still I wanted to try my luck and created a new mail-address called and send a mail to them:

And look at that, I got a reply with two attachments:

Virustotal thinks both files are safe. For the sake of the readers I have converted the pdf to png format.

Courier Department Contact Information. WINNING CERTIFICATE

It is amazing that they can confirm my mail-address (which didn’t exist for more than an hour) and the winning number (which I didn’t mention in the mail), but the certificate seems legit, so guess I have to mail the Courier.


And I received another reply with another attachment.


Attachment seems to be also malware free. At this point I got tired to contact them. Although it would have been nice if I could  craft a PDF file with some malware attached to it to get control of their system and learn more about them. Too bad I am one of the nice guys.

Although I like a message service which I can use on my phone, tablet and desktop, I don’t like to get bothered by Spam/Scam. Let’s hope this was just a coincidence and a one four time only run and not the way Telegram is making their money.

4 thoughts on “Telegram Spam?

  1. Well I installed telegram about 6 months ago and i received a confimation sms from telegram, but I never received spam sms. I think its a coincidence, any way thanks for the info, and the investigation on the scam.

  2. Same here, i’ve been using telegram for a while, and im so happy with it, works fine, and i believe much better than whatsapp, never recieved any sms

  3. lol. This experience of yours reminds me of what happened to me a couple of years back, that’s talking of spam sms. I decided to follow up on one after several ones I had ignored. I got pissed off because the guy or whoever was at the end couldn’t even write good tenses.

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